"What you want to do and what you can do is limited only by what you can dream"

Mike Melville

I'm passionate about helping others to live the life of their dreams

Having had first hand experience at feeling trapped in a life I felt incapable of changing for over 20 years and then having the courage to make the difficult choices leading to a change that would positively effect not only myself but my children as well; I can fully relate to the many fears and paradigms (a way of looking at something based on all the different influencers and types of experiences you've had) that my clients have to deal with on a daily basis when choosing to change their life to one they are passionate about; the life of their dreams.

  • Dreambuilder™ Transformational Life Coach certified with The Life Mastery Institute™ in the USA

  • Genius U Flow Consultant

  • Genius Educator

  • Bachelor of Education degree