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Self-Isolation ≠ Disconnection

8 Ways to Stay Connected During Lock Down

By Christi Kahle (Life Coach, Flow Consultant & Genius Educator)

Depending on your perspective, self-isolation can take on different meanings. For the introvert, it’s a welcomed reprieve, a time alone to recharge where no demands are being placed on you to be sociable, but for the extrovert, it’s hell, being denied the opportunity to mingle and chat at every opportunity. I am convinced that most of the folks ignoring the self-isolation requests are indeed frustrated extroverts while for the introverts it’s easier to fall in line with their preferred way of being.

Regardless of your social preferences; as human beings, we need to connect with one another, some more often than others but this connection is nevertheless essential food for our souls. This time of social separation, although a novelty at first can quickly become a time of loneliness, depression, frustration and anxiety unless we find ways to stay connected…

So how do we stay connected with others in a meaningful way while in isolation?

1)   Diarize a weekly ‘Video call’ coffee date with your bestie

Get comfy, have your coffee at your side and catch up on all your news…which brings me to my next point…what do we chat about when we are all living in limbo?

2)   Designate a portion of each day for self-improvement

Learning…anything. It could be a new language, a new skill…anything that expands your knowledge or even better, your awareness; and then share your experiences with others learning the same thing. You could join a group or ask amongst your social media contacts who shares the same interest and form your own group. Having a common interest unites and excites people.

3)   Identify a skill that you could share with others

Particularly proud of your gardening skills? Decide on a new garden or balcony project and post a daily vlog on the progress of your project. Post your vlog on an interactive site and encourage others to share their similar projects. Can’t access the items you would like to use for your project? Decide on one which perhaps utilizes some of those recyclables that at this time are piling up…this is your opportunity to be creative and encourage others to do the same.

4)   Connect with others who share your talent and collaborate to create something beautiful For example, if you are a singer, connect with other eager singers that you know and arrange to meet over zoom daily to work on a new song. You could either write something original or rework an existing song and make it your own. Share your finished project with others to inspire them to do something similar.

5)   Missing your daily workout at the gym? Create a workout group with your gym buddies Meet online every morning at a specific time to workout together. Ask each participant to present 2 of their favourite exercises (possible in the home environment), or search on You Tube for daily workouts. Ideas include Yoga, Stretch, Kick, Pilates, H.I.I.T and Resistance Training classes. Let’s get moving!!

6)   Don’t give up that precious Book club get together

Decide on a weekly book, all download it online and discuss it via a zoom or Skype call (wine in hand, or not…) at a pre-arranged date and time. Make sure that your family knows of your arrangements so that you can be left alone with your book buddies for a precious hour or two.

7)   Make for memorable family online get-togethers by having a talent show

Most of the fun will be had by preparing and practicing (especially for the littlies). The performances can then be filmed and shared on a family group, asking everyone to vote for the best performance. What a wonderful way to connect with family living far away, even outside of this isolation time!

8)   Decide on a community project you would like to embark on once all this is over

Start planning and collaborating now to make it a future reality. Include family, friends and contacts who would also like to be involved. Decide where you would like to make a difference, what you could do to make it a reality and plan the various stages of your project, incorporating the input of the others in your group by meeting online weekly.

This time of forced isolation is a reminder of how precious connection with each other is…may we never take it for granted.

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