• Christi Kahle

What thoughts should I wear today?

How do I pick the thoughts of value?

Firstly decide which thoughts are worthy of your attention?

Just as we sort throught the many people we meet on a daily basis, deciding which ones will benefit us best as friends, business associates, potential clients or perhaps beneficiaries of our help; so we should select our thoughts. We then need to cultivate the selected thoughts carefully, just as we do relationships; feeding them in just the right way to ensure that they grow into their potential as plans destined to create your desired reality.

Just as you look through your wardrobe, deciding carefully what to wear everyday; so you should be choosing your thoughts.

The criteria that you base that choice on is 'Does this thought fit the vision I have for my life? Does it suit my dream? Is it a match for the person I want to be?' If it's not a fit, acknowledge it, shelve it and move on to the new racks of thoughts waiting to be picked; if it is a fit, wear it and like thoughts proudly; always keeping your eyes on the goal; that dream you're dressing for.

'Do these shoes match my top?' is not that different from 'Does this thought match my dream, my vision, who I want to be?'.

So dress for the best possible version of you today; pick that thought outfit carefully and if you're doubting your thought 'fashion sense' please seek out some expert guidance.

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